Frequently asked questions

1. What is the Focusly app?

Focusly is a mobile application, co-created with recognized experts from various fields including psychology, psychotherapy, soft skills, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and breathing. Users can find nearly 2000 different types of content in it – psychoeducational programs, mindfulness and meditation practices, breathing exercises, relaxing music, articles, and video podcasts.

2. How can I use the Focusly app?

To use the Focusly app, you need to install it by downloading it from the Google Play Store for Android devices or the App Store for iOS devices. Then, you need to create an account in the app using your email address, Apple ID, Facebook, or through the MultiLife platform.

To use the app, you need access to a device that allows browsing the internet or using mobile applications; an active connection of your mobile device to the internet; a properly installed Android operating system version 8.0 or newer, or an OS operating system version 12.0 or newer on your mobile device, and enable support for Cookies.

3. Is access to the Focusly app free?

Access to some content in the Focusly app is free of charge. Other content is available to users who have access to the MultiLife platform. Learn more about MultiLife on the website and inform your employer about your interest in using the MultiLife benefit.

4. I’m having trouble logging in through MultiLife, what can I do?

If you encounter problems with logging in or accessing the premium version of the Focusly app through the MultiLife partnership program, please contact us at or reach out to the Benefit Systems helpline at +48 22 242 42 42 or via email at

5. I want to delete my account in the app, how can I do that?

To delete your account in the Focusly app, go to your profile (icon in the top right corner of the Home Page/Strona Główna), then navigate to Settings/Ustawienia. In Settings, choose the Your Data/Twoje Dane section, and then select Delete Account/Usuń konto. You will see information about what deleting your account entails – if you still want to proceed with deletion, click Continue/Kontynuuj and in the appropriate place enter the word DELETE, then click Delete Account/Usuń konto.

After this, your account will be permanently deleted from the Focusly app.